Why Do You Gain Weight When You Drink Red Wine

Why Do You Gain Weight When You Drink Red Wine?

Have you started enjoying the habit of having a glass of red wine with your dinner each night?  There might not be a better drink to help accentuate the flavors of your dinner than having a correctly paired glass of red wine.  Clearly, there is a perfect red wine flavor for any occasion.  With this in mind, if you have started this habit, or are thinking about starting to have more red wine with your dinner, you might be wondering how that will affect your waistline.

Just how many calories in a glass of red wine are there?

Although it is hard to pinpoint the exact number of calories, as it is fully based upon how many ounces you have within each glass, along with the type of red wine and the alcohol content you are drinking, we can help you generalize the number of calories in red wine.  We’ll give you this information, along with helping you determine how many calories are within the glass of wine you are enjoying each night.

On average, there are 25 calories in each ounce of red wine.  This is a very broad and open statement, but it is the standard amount of calories you can expect within any bottle of wine.  Knowing this is the standard amount, you can then determine if the wine you drink has more or less.

A common misconception among wine drinkers is that the amount of calories within any glass of red wine is determined by how much sugar is in the wine.  The amount of sugar is not the determining factor, however, as most of the sugar within wine is actually converted into alcohol during the fermentation process.  The higher the alcohol level is, the more calories there are within those wines; more sugar had to be used to increase the amount of alcohol within that wine.   It is a subtle difference, but an important difference to make, as most red wine does not have extra sugar added into it after it is made.  The only wines which are high in actual sugar content are dessert or very sweet wines.

When it comes to counting red wine calories, taking into consider the alcohol level, as well as how many ounces you pour into a glass are very important factors.  The higher the alcohol level and the more ounces in each glass, the more calories there will be within that particular glass of wine.  The reverse of this is also true – the lower the alcohol level and the less number of ounces within the glass of wine, the lower the amount of calories will be within that glass of wine.

So, what is the determination?  This all comes down to you, and how many calories you are wanting to intake on a given day.  Towards the end of the day, it usually comes down to having to choose between eating a dessert or enjoying a glass of red wine.  When making the comparison of how many calories in a glass of red wine versus how many calories are in a dessert, the glass of red wine will almost always have fewer calories, meaning you can enjoy the glass of wine and save the dessert for another time.

Overall, drinking red wine will not add to your waistline as long as it is done in moderation and you plan for it.  You can fully control how many calories are in each glass of red wine based upon the alcohol content within the bottle you purchase and the number of ounces within each glass you pour.  Knowing this, you should not be worried about enjoying a perfectly paired glass of red wine with the wonderful dinner you’ll have each night.


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