The Different Types of Red Wine Explained

Here Are All The Different Types of Red Wine And Their History

Do you want to drink red wines but you cannot decide on what to choose from the red wine varieties in the market? Well, try to consider the type of grapes used to create the wine that will complement to your personal taste and preferences. Since there are lots of choices out, it can be a bit difficult to determine which one is the best.

To give you an idea about the different types of red wines that you would love to drink and to make the process easy and simple, here is the complete list of some of the red wines you should try.

Types of Red Wine

Pinot Noir

Pinot noir is a red wine grape that is believed to have originated in Burgundy, France. The name “pinot” is derived from the French word for “pine” and refers to the grape’s tightly clustered, cone-shaped bunches of fruit. “Noir” means “black” in French and refers to the deep color of the grape skins.

Today, pinot noir wines are produced all over the world, but the grape is still most closely associated with Burgundy. In fact, the vast majority of Burgundy wines are made from pinot noir grapes. Pinot noir wines are typically light-bodied and dry, with strong aromas and flavors of red fruits like cherries and strawberries.

The first documented mention of pinot noir grapes dates back to 1284, when French viticulturist Pierre Galet wrote about a wild vine that was growing in Burgundy. It’s believed that these vines were brought to Burgundy by Roman soldiers during their occupation of Gaul (modern-day France). Over time, the vines proliferated and began to be cultivated by local farmers.

By the 16th century, pinot noir had become one of Burgundy’s most important grapes. In 1587, French wine writer Jean de Nynck described pinot noir as “the king of wines and the wine of kings.” But it wasn’t until much later that pinot noir really came into its own as a fine wine grape.

In 1855, the official classification of Burgundy wines was published, with pinot noir being designated as one of the region’s nine “noble” grapes. This classification helped to cement pinot noir’s reputation as a high-quality wine grape, and it paved the way for the production of some of the world’s most famous and celebrated wines.

During World War I, many European viticultural areas were devastated by war or phylloxera (a root-killing aphid). This led to a decrease in demand for European wines, giving rise to an increase in popularity for New World wines—wines from countries like Australia, Chile, South Africa, and the United States.

As demand for New World wines increased, so too did demand for pinot noir grapes. This prompted growers in places like California and Oregon to plant more acres of pinot noir vines. In recent years, New World producers have been consistently churning out high-quality pinot noirs that can compete with even the best Burgundies.

Cabernet Franc

This red wine is actually produced in the US. This is also considered to be more tannic and this is an earthy cousin of the Cabernet Sauvignon. In the warmer area outside Europe, the distinct attribute of the wine is the pure notes of blueberry and violets while the ripe tannins carry scents of fresh and roasted coffee.


Gamay is actually intended for young people who want to try on drinking wine at such a very young age. This red wine shows bright and tangy flavors of sweet cherries, raspberry and strawberry. When this is processed by way of carbonic maceration method, this could just offer its distinct smell and slight effervescence.


This is one of the most commonly chosen red wines in Australia and Spain. This is known for its low acidity and high alcohol content. Its best feature is that it offers spicy, bold-flavored and fruits wines that are softer and are a less intense version of Syrah.


Malbec is actually very prominent in the land of Argentina. This red wine offers tart and spicy red wine flavor that makes it more popular all over the world.


This is another amazing red wine that you must never miss out drinking.  You will simply love the dense, peppery, and spicy flavor of this wine that is filled with the best minerals and sugar. This is the reason why this is known as one of the best red wines to offer that extraordinary expression to wine drinkers.


Mourvedre is an amazing type of red wine that is mainly popular in Spain and France. This is one of the lightly spicy and medium-bodied red wines all over the world. This also simply offers its cherry flavored and cool flavor that you would love.


A Sangiovese red wine is primarily light in color and is a bit acidic. This shows its distinct flavors of anise, tobacco and pie cherry in Italy. Other countries produce this type of wine by combining red wines like the Cabernet Sauvignon that help strengthen the taste of Sangiovese and smoothen the taste of the Cabernet.


This is a rustic red wine version that offers its sweet black flavors of cherry and prune. This also contains 15 or an even higher alcohol content according on the harvest version of the grape. You will love drinking this red wine due to its aroma that can catch your attention.

These are only some of the different types of red wines you could consider. There are still a lot more of red wines to find in the market. These mainly come from different countries and are flavored with different types of grapes. When you choose for red wine, you must also choose for the best one that will complement your taste and your needs.

Now, you already have learned more about the different types of red wine!




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