4 Tips To Proper Wine Service Steps

4 Tips To Proper Wine Service Steps

When it comes to drinking wine, many people would consider there is no wrong way to drink it.  However, there are ways which can help enhance your drinking experience, so that it is as rich and satisfying as it is meant to be.

Here are a few different concepts to consider when it comes to drinking and serving wine.

4 Tips To Proper Wine Service Steps

Why Smell the Cork?

Often times, you will see people who just open a bottle of wine offer up the cork to be smelled by their guests.  Although this may look cool and be part of some traditions, there is no actual value in smelling the cork.  The cork will not give you a sense of how the wine you are about to partake in will taste; it is not like a candle, where you smell the candle before it is lit to see how it will smell.  The only and best way to know how a wine will taste is to actually take a sip of it from a glass.

Which Glass type is best for each Wine?

If you are looking at your wine collection, and noticing you only have one type of glass, then you are actually doing yourself a dis-service.  There are traditional goblets, which are best for the natural wines.  However, if you are serving up champagne or a dessert wine, then having a flute type of glass is the best choice.  The flute will allow you to not swirl the wine, which means the flavors and the bubbles will stay intact.  In addition to this, the design of the glass means the bubbles will stay active longer, giving you a chance to experience the full flavors of the sparkling wine or champagne during the necessary time you have allotted to enjoy this type of wine with any dessert or any after-party activities.

Can you serve Wine at Room Temperature?

The simple answer to this question is yes; you can serve and drink wine at room temperature.  However, there are certain temperatures which are best for each kind of wine.  For example a red wine is best enjoyed when it is between the temperatures of 60 and 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  For White wine, it is recommended to be served between 50 and 60 degrees Fahrenheit.  For Sparkling and Dessert wines, they are best when they are around 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  Although you can drink wines at different temperatures, and if you happen to drink a red wine which is 55 or 75 degrees, it will not fully deter from the taste; you just won’t enjoy it at its maximum potential.

Where you hold the Glass of Wine has no effect on the wine, right?

One of the biggest misconceptions when it comes to wine is where to hold the glass (with the biggest misconception with wine is swirling the wine – a couple times is fine, but if you swirl it more than 2-3 times, then you are overdoing it).

With any goblet or flute, you should hold it by the stem as much as possible.  Even if you only have a couple of fingers on the glass where there is wine present, it will alter the temperature of the wine and will warm it up sooner.  The longer you can keep the wine at a cooler temperature, the longer it will hold its flavor.

In conclusion, wine can be enjoyed in a variety of facets and temperatures.  There are a few different things you can do to help enhance your wine tasting and serving experience.  The best thing to do is to experiment with a few different variables, so you can be assured you will find the best combination of factors to help you enjoy each glass of wine to its fullest.

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