How to Open a Wine Bottle

How to Open a Wine Bottle

In a boxed wine, the wine bottle is actually sealed with a screw cap or a cork.  Nevertheless, most of the wineries prefer a cork over a screw cap. This only means to say that you must make use of a corkscrew. In the event that you have no corkscrew, how will you be able to open the wine? Well, you no longer need to worry anymore because there are different ways on how to open the bottle without damaging the wine.

How to Open a Wine Bottle

Using Some Tools

If you have the tools at home, you could get the wine opened with the use of a hammer, screw or screwdriver. All you have to do is to just screw the cork and use a screwdriver to open the bottle. Leave about one inch of the cork screwed out. The next thing you must do is to grab the hammer and pull both the cork and screw of the wine bottle.

Push Using Wooden Spoon

A wooden spoon with a thin and long handle is an essential instrument that shows the cork right into the wine bottle and frees up your wine. Just remove the wine foil that covers. And then, apply some pressure on the top portion of the cork. With your strength, it should slide and pop free into the wine bottle without making any cork crumbs.

Yanking It Out Using String

If you do not want to have a cork on your wine bottle, there is still a way on how to get your wine out. Tie a string at figure-8 and lower it down through its neck. Tilt the wine bottle to make some leeway on its side. This way, it will allow the knotted strings to slip past through the wine corks underneath. Lastly, you need to pull up the string for you to be able to open the wine bottle.

Using Wall to Open Wine Bottle

When you don’t have the tool in opening the wine bottle, you must now wrap the wine bottle with the use of a towel. Then, smack it immediately to lose its cap.

Cover the wine bottle with a towel to ensure that both the bottom and side of the wine are completely and properly wrapped. Bang the base of the bottle against your wall and move it to a horizontal motion or direction. Repeat this action until the cork finally starts to come out of the bottle.

Slap The Bottle Out

You could just slap the cork out of the bottle. Place the bottle upside down and between your thighs. Hold it as tight as possible to evenly hit the bottom part of the bottle. Keep smacking the wine as many times as you can to open the bottle. When the slid is far enough of its bottle, try yanking the cork of the bottle with the use of your hand.

These are just some of the simple yet effective ways on how to open a wine bottle. This is especially if you don’t have the tools on how to open it. There are still some other ways you can do it. But, make it sure that you follow the safety precautions on how to do it.

If possible, allow someone to open it for you. This is especially if you are not skilled and professional in opening it by yourself. This will help prevent accidents and injuries from arising when trying to open wine bottle.  If you want to try to open it by yourself, ask for the assistance of another person who is skilled enough in opening it.







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