Cristal Champagne

Cristal Champagne

When thinking thru the best wines within the marketplace, there are many different opinions on which ones are the best when it comes to the combination of price and quality.  There are many different lists which will give you wines to choose from which meet this criteria.  However, there is really only one kind of wine which is truly considered to be the best, and it was a liquid which was not even available in the marketplace until 1945, 70 years after it was first introduced.

This is Cristal Champagne.

This type of champagne, also known as Cristal Champagne, was developed in Russia back in 1876 as a way for wine to be served to help protect the tsars of the time.  There was a rampant amount of poison and bombs which were put into wines, especially in red wines, and so cristal champagne, which is a white wine, would prevent either of those things from begin put into the champagne.  This is due to the bubbling action which takes place within the champagne; if something is added into the drink, the bubbles stop forming.

Perhaps there are times where you have heard wine referred to as “the bubbly”; if so, this is a term which is derived from Cristal Champagne, because it does bubble after it is poured into a glass.  This type of champagne was not available to the marketplace until 1945, and was thought of as a wine or champagne which was associated with the life of luxury.

Since this time, the price has not been lowered, and in fact has risen in cost.  It is very difficult to make this kind of champagne in a knockoff format.  There is a new version of the Cristal champagne which makes the champagne more of a rose color.  It is still not as dark as a red wine, but it is more pink, rather than just a pure white.  No matter which version of wine you choose to go with, the price is still the same.

How Much Is Cristal Champagne?

So, you might be wondering to yourself, how much is a bottle of Cristal?  The Cristal champagne price tends to be average $300 a bottle.  That is not a misprint.  This is why it tends to be left off most lists you see that say which wine or champagnes are the best ones in the marketplace, as most people will not spend this kind of money for five people to enjoy five ounces of this bubbly champagne.  Is the flavor or taste that much better compared to the $30 of bottle you might have bought for your party?  Only you can make that determination, but most people do not want to splurge for this kind of bottle; except perhaps for special occasions.

Overall, there are between 300,000 and 400,000 bottles of cristal champagne which are produced every year.  This is compared to the total of 31.4 Billion bottles of wine which are produced every year.  This means champagne only makes up .001% of all the wine sold each year!  Clearly, this is still a champagne or wine which is enjoyed by the people who live a life of luxury.  There is nothing wrong with purchasing this kind of champagne at least once in your life, so you know what it tastes like, and only then can you truly compare it to what you normally drink, and experience what you are missing out.

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