How To Make White Wine Sauce

How To Make White Wine Sauce If you were to visit a bookstore, you would see a few sections that deal with the topic of cooking.  There are countless people out in the world who can make fantastic dishes and everyone who doesn’t cook on a regular basis wants to learn directly from them on … Read more

How to Pronounce Sauvignon Blanc

The Correct Way To Pronounce “Sauvignon Blanc” Sauvignon blanc is a type of white wine that originates from the Bordeaux region of France. The name of the wine is derived from the French words “sauvage” and “blanc,” which mean “wild” and “white,” respectively. Sauvignon blanc is a dry wine with high acidity, and it is … Read more

4 Tips To Proper Wine Service Steps

4 Tips To Proper Wine Service Steps When it comes to drinking wine, many people would consider there is no wrong way to drink it.  However, there are ways which can help enhance your drinking experience, so that it is as rich and satisfying as it is meant to be. Here are a few different … Read more

How To Pronounce Pinot Noir

The correct way to pronounce “Pinot Noir” Pinot noir is a delicious red wine that originates from the Burgundy region in France. It’s a hugely popular wine, enjoyed by amateur and connoisseur alike. But there’s one little problem…nobody can seem to agree on how to pronounce it! Is it “pee-no nwaar” or “pih-no nwawr”? Maybe … Read more

What To Wear To A Winery

What To Wear To A Winery: Dressing for Success at the Winery First impressions are important, especially in the wine industry. You want your customers to have a positive first impression of you and your business, and that starts with what you wear. What you wear says a lot about you and can affect how … Read more

How to Open a Wine Bottle

How to Open a Wine Bottle In a boxed wine, the wine bottle is actually sealed with a screw cap or a cork.  Nevertheless, most of the wineries prefer a cork over a screw cap. This only means to say that you must make use of a corkscrew. In the event that you have no … Read more